Saturday, August 30, 2008


My apologies for the long delay in between stories, I do not like to rush such things. Also I have been kept quite busy these days. I seem to have stumbled upon a new service that is much sought after by my customers. Read on and see for yourself.

I fisted a hand in Maria’s hair, the dark hip length curls already matted and damp with sweat, and pulled her head up so I could whisper in her ear even as I continued to fuck her from behind.

“Watch, Maria,” I whispered. Her eyes, dark as night and foggy with lust, struggled to focus at the command. “Watch him while he watches you.”

I saw the words sink in, her widening on the figure who sat in shadow in the corner chair, and a broken moan escaped her lips.

I ran my tongue over the curve of her ear, and smiled to myself as she shivered. “Do you see him looking at you?” I asked, continuing to fuck her steadily, almost mechanically, as I fed her her fantasy, word by word. “Is he getting excited, do you think? Is his cock getting hard while he sits there, wondering what it would feel like to plow into you right now? Into this wet, soft pussy I’m fucking?” I punctuated the words by pushing into her hard, jerking a moan from Maria, before going back to slow, steady thrusts.

“Tell me, Maria.” I nipped at her earlobe, sending fresh shivers racing over her skin. “Tell me what he’s doing.”

“He’s watching,” she panted, and even in the dim light I could see the flush that turned her olive skin rosy with embarrassment. Maria loved being exposed, but she often fought it, a knee jerk survival instinct. I knew from experience that it wouldn’t take much to push her past it, and into the pleasure she craved.

“What’s he watching, Maria?” I asked, fucking into her just a little bit harder than before. I had one eye on the figure in the chair, noticed the subtle shift of position as he leaned forward slightly, though it wasn’t enough to bring him out of the shadows. Maria saw it too, I could tell by the way her hips suddenly surged back as she tried to quicken the pace.

I knew if I let her, she’d finish the whole thing too fast – for herself and for me. Maria was a tiger in bed, and I often left our encounters just as exhausted and used up as she. And normally that suited me just fine, but this time we had places to go before the finish. And the guy in the chair was going to be pretty bummed if he didn’t get the show he’d come for.

I reached down, sliding my palms around her thighs just above the knee, and with a quick jerk yanked her legs out from under her so she collapsed with a squeal onto the bed. She bounced once, enticingly, before I pinned her down.

She gave a desperate whine, her hands flexing in the rope I’d used to tie them to the bed frame in frustration. “Sawyer,” she whimpered, and tried to push her hips back again, to get her knees under her for leverage, but gravity and greater strength was on my side, and she only managed to move a measly inch or two.

“Sawyer, fuck me,” she pleaded, and I chuckled.

“You know I love it when you beg, Maria,” I growled, and grabbed a fistful of hair to turn her head to face me. “But you didn’t answer my question.”

She looked blank for a second, then her cheeks flooded with heat again. Her eyes slid to the corner, a quick, furtive glance before she lowered her lashes shyly.

“Sawyer…” she began, the words ending in a gasp when I jerked her head back.

“No,” I said, forestalling the bargaining that was sure to begin. “You know what you need to do.” Using my grip on her hair as leverage, I thrust into her hard, the force of it pushing her forward on the mattress and unlocking the words from her throat.

“He’s watching you fuck me,” she moaned.

“Good girl,” I told her, and rewarded her with another of the heavy, almost brutal thrusts that she loved so much. “Who’s watching me fuck you Maria?”

She groaned, her hands flexing again, and I knew she was wishing they were free so she could get at her clit. “Matthew,” she whispered, so soft I almost couldn’t hear it. “Matthew’s watching us fuck.”

I pushed into her again, my grip on her hair keeping her head up so her eyes had nowhere to focus but the man in the chair.

“Who’s Matthew, Maria?” I asked, and this time the blush swept up from her breasts, covering her neck and face in a rosy hue.

Her throat worked as she struggled to get the words out. I leaned over her, covering her with my body as I continued to fuck into her with heavy thrusts. I released her hair and slid my hand around her waist and up, so my forearm rested between her breasts and my hand rested at the base of her throat.

“Come on, darling,” I whispered. “You can say it. It’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Why he’s here. He wants you to say it, Maria.” I nipped at her shoulder, a tiny bite that she probably barely felt. “Who’s Matthew?”

I felt her chest heave, with both effort and lust, and the words burst forth as though shot from a cannon.

“My husband,” she moaned the words. “My husband is watching me while you fuck me.”

“Good girl,” I whispered again, dropping a soft kiss on the sensitive skin behind her ear before I reared back on my knees.

“Your husband is watching you fuck another man,” I growled, back in character now. I pulled almost all of the way out of her before slamming forward again. “What does that make you, Maria?”

The damn had been broken, the words coming swift and strong now. “I’m a slut,” she moaned, pushing back at me as much as she could. Her eyes never left her husband as he watched her from the shadows.

I kept an eye on Matthew as I spoke. “You’re letting another man fuck you, right in front of your husband.” The shadowes hid the details, but unless I missed my guess, Matthew had just undone his pants. “Have you no shame?” I demanded with another heavy thrust.

“No,” she moaned, her hair flying as her head tossed. Her breathing was starting to hitch, a tell tale sign that her orgasm was near, and I doubled my efforts.

“You filthy slut,” I ground out, knowing the words would push her over, hearing the harsh breathing from the chair in the corner as the words seemed to fill the room. “You horny little cunt, fucking another man in front of your own husband. ‘What a slut I married’ he must be thinking, ‘what a filthy, cum hungry, cock slave …’ “

Maria’s wail drowned out the rest of the words, her body jerking and thrashing as she came. I kept fucking her, knowing it would keep her going for several moments, and listened to Matthew’s moans mix with the orgasmic wails of his wife.

As soon as Maria went limp I pulled my cock free, flipping her to her back and moving to straddle her chest as I ripped the condom off. My hand flew, stroking rapidly as I continued to talk.

“I’m going to cum all over you, Maria,” I told her. “All over your tits, your face, so your husband can see what a slut he’s got for a wife. What a filthy, cum loving cunt he married.”

Her eyes, still glazed from her own pleasure, lit with renewed lust. “Yes,” she hissed, her body arching up as though she could draw the cum from my cock through force of will. “Yes, cum on me, cum all over me, watch Matthew, watch him cum all over your slutty wife. Yes!’

The three of us groaned together as the first spurt landed in the valley of Maria’s breasts. I quickly shifted, adjusting my aim so the next one hit her cheek, then her neck, directing them despite the knee-weakening pleasure so that when I was finished her torso was painted with cum.

“Oh,” she moaned, “oh, my hands. Untie my hands, please Sawyer please.” She could barely hold still for me to undo the knots, and the second the ropes were loose enough she pulled free and knelt on the bed.

“Matthew,” she said, and held out her arms, and with a low cry her husband launched himself from the chair and into her arms.

I dressed quickly, forgotten now as they lost themselves in each other, in the joy of a shared fantasy fulfilled. I slipped quietly out of the room, and put the Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob as I went.

A few hours later, back at work, my cell phone buzzed in my pocket, and I pulled it out to check the message. “Sawyer,” it read, “thank you for making this afternoon so special. We’ll never forget it – Maria & Matthew”.

I smiled, satisfied, and went back to work.


Anonymous said...

Magnificent. I want to try that, immediately. Your return was certainly worth the wait. xoxo

Anna said...

beautiful. i love that you approach sexwork with passion and generosity. and that your writing makes me hot.

Mathias said...

Beautiful, your writing gives me chills as I read it...

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I simply love the way you have with words!

I've been Maria while reading...

Ebony Escort Consummate Courtesan said...

Very beautiful to read.